KIBSD Staff Holiday Gift Certificates

KIBSD staff who have a staff holiday gift certificate can use their $20 book credit the following ways:

  • Browse for books on this website.
    •  Every day the inventory is being added to the site - it should be finished by Friday, December 18 when you will have access to all the books that are on the shelves in Kodiak.  
    • If you are having trouble finding a certain book, please use the search at the top of the website or send us a chat through the link at the bottom right of the site.
    • Please use the Gift Code which was emailed to you from the district to access your book credit.  Your cart must have $20 worth of books/gifts in it for the Gift Code to work.
    • The gift code works for one staff gift certificate order at a time.
  • Make an appointment
    • During your appointment you can use your KIBSD Gift Certificate.
  • Place special orders for specific books so that you can get exactly the books you enjoy reading.  
    • We will place the order and notify you when the books arrive.  Your discount can be applied at checkout when the books arrive.
  • OR - if it's easier - email with the books you would like to purchase. We will order them if not in stock and message you when they arrive.  

    Thank you for your patience as we rapidly build this website.  Please reach out with any questions and we will do our best to help you find the books you love to read.  Thank you to the anonymous donor who made all of this possible!