Bookstore Membership
Bookstore Membership
Bookstore Membership

Bookstore Membership

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What Happens After I Sign-Up?

  • You will receive a thank you email with membership information including information about how to pick up your tote bag, membership card, and more. Please include your email when you check out online so we can send you the important membership information.
  • When you stop in to the bookstore you will receive your tote bag, membership cards, and fill out the membership card for the bookstore (should take less than three minutes).
  • When you make a purchase at the bookstore please show us your membership card or simply say you are a member and we can look you up in our system.
  • We will send you an email about member-only events which will include the date, time, info about the event, and a pass for you (your family) and/or your plus one to bring a friend.

*if you are buying a membership for a friend please make a note of that on our check out page (including the email address for the person) and we will be sure to make a note on their account and send all information to them.

**Fox artwork by Nina Ludy

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