The Pruning Book by Lee Reich - Used

The Pruning Book by Lee Reich - Used

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Here's the brand new edition of our award-winning reference book on pruning ―revised to include lots of additional information and enhanced illustrations.

With expert advice on the latest techniques and valuable insights on new plants, this updated version of 
The Pruning Book deserves a prominent place in your gardening library.

From humble houseplants to the most amazing exotics, author Lee Reich explains all the dos and don'ts of cutting back. So you'll always make the right cut the first time ― every time.

Reich demystifies even the most complex pruning strategies by providing the precise timing and exact techniques you'll need to guarantee healthy growth and beautiful form.

In great detail, he walks you through the process of pruning everything from ornamental trees and bushes to topiaries and bonsai. And all his insights are delivered with clear, straightforward prose and supported by 250 colorful photos and 135 drawings.

Whether you're a professional gardener, a landscape veteran ―or pruning for the very first time ―this essential reference gives you everything you need to master the subtle art of pruning.

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