Bookstore Staff

Melissa Haffeman Owner The Islander Bookshop

Melissa Haffeman

Owner, The Islander Bookshop

Visit: to learn more!

My family and I own The Islander Bookshop where my husband installs the lighting and our little kids are learning how to alphabetize books. After 17 years in the field of education, I pivoted my career and took the leap following my dream of opening a small business on Kodiak. My family and I are so grateful for our community's support of this little indie bookstore and the phenomenal staff which help craft the bookstore into a thriving resource for our island.


Mariah Stapleton Bookstore Staff

Mariah Stapleton

Lead: Book Master Lists and Book Ordering

I was born on Kodiak and raised on Whale Island. I am 8th generation Alutiiq (Sugpiaq), Blackfoot, and Cherokee and make Native inspired crafts and jewelry. I love to learn about my culture and Native heritage, and connect with the community through my culture.


Carly Anderson Islander Bookshop Staff

Carly Anderson

Lead: Inventory and Online Book Listings

I’m a 4th generation Kodiak Alaska native.
I’m a lover of coffee, cats and art and my happy place is the Islander Bookshop.


Kasey Jo Wright

Kasey Jo Wright

Lead: Food/Beverage, & Membership


Audrey Lonheim

Audrey Lonheim

Lead: Displays

Judy Fine and Ed Fine 

Judy Fine (a.k.a. Melissa's Mom)

Lead: Special Orders 

You may know Judy from her years spent working at PKIMC Kodiak.  She was the Long Term Care Administrator until her retirement in 2012.  Fortunately, she came out of retirement to help her daughter, Melissa, with the special order process at the bookstore.